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Family member, Robin Warin, talks about Spark of Life at the launch of the world first Spark of Life Centre of Excellence, Mercy Parklands .

Her story is inspirational, 'The love, the dignity, compassion, along with the Spark of Life Philosophy, shown to all residents here meant that they can live life to the fullest potential.'

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What is Spark of Life?

Spark of Life is a pioneering, social approach that is changing the nature of how aged care organisations care for those who live with dementia. The purpose of Spark of Life is to enable people with dementia to live fulfilling lives despite their diagnosis and to provide the best possible care experience for staff and families - in the here and now. The approach provides a deep insight into people with dementia that changes both perceptions and attitudes.

In 2009, Spark of Life received the International IASHA Excellence in Ageing Services Award , and was unanimously chosen by the jury (representing 30 countries) for its optimistic, whole systems approach towards dementia rehabilitiation, which makes it unique in the world.


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