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Thursday, 19 November 2009


From time to time, our members and other industry observers are kind enough to share their thoughts on our amazing results. Here are a few of them.



The Spark of Life Approach

Testimonials from our Home Carers...

"Dear Jane, the sensitivity with which you conveyed ‘symbolic language,’ the 7 step illustration of ‘poisoned porridge,' and the nutrition article, particularly the oft-over looked need for loved ones on tube feeding to still be involved at social gatherings....WOW!"

Brenda Avadian, California USA


“I have been finding it more and more difficult to communicate with Dad and more and more difficult to visit him because of his dementia. By just reading your suggestions on communicating I don't feel so totally helpless... my visits are important and contact is vital - how could I almost forget this? Thank you for putting this in perspective.”

- Sue Collins, Australia


"I now understand deeply that there is my reality, the reality of the other person, and hopefully, a shared realm of emotional needs. I know that if I discount the reality of the other, nothing will be achieved. If I identify and work with the unmet emotional needs, there is every chance of both parties being satisfied."

Paddy Spruce - Australia


Testimonials from our Professional Carers...

"Just a quick note to say thank you for your articles. I have been feeling disgruntled with my position in Aged Care and upon reading articles on your web site I gained incentive to carry on. My biggest concern is I cannot give enough time to each resident."

Anne Hall - Aged Carer, NSW, Australia


"We wore our regular name badges for two weeks and kept score as to how many times residents initiated interaction by calling the staff member by name. The outcome was 0 times. Then we wore our new name badges (Times New Roman, black on white, size 60 font, bold, expanded, with title case letters) for 2 weeks. The outcome was the residents called staff members by name 122 times. Not only did our residents with dementia love the new name badges, but our alert and orientated residents voiced appreciation also!"

Ruth Hovland - Wisconsin USA


“I purchased two rainbow uniforms and need to tell you about the fabulous reaction I have gained from some of our residents who are suffering dementia and no longer communicate with us verbally. The colours have had an immediate positive reaction from these residents who appear to light up when I approach them. I have no problem getting long cuddles from them now!

Well done and thanks again for helping me continue to enhance the living environment of the person with dementia!”

Sharon – Victoria, Australia


Testimonials from Aged Care Facilities...

"I think you are amazing with what you do. You are professional; there is plenty of communication with clear instructions. It is superb and innovative. You want us to achieve and you genuinely care.

'The teleconferences are fantastic. It is great knowing we can speak with Jane and Hilary each time is part of the success for us. It feels as though we are one big team. Also the rest of the team in Melbourne are so positive and helpful. It is very professional. The technical support is also excellent."

Jan Clark, Maurice Zeffert Home - WA Australia


"Our facility gets a huge amount out of the program. The positive feedback has been staggering, and the referrals from the Alzheimer’s Association are huge. The GP feedback from how people are improving in our day centre is very good too. Staff reports on our residents’ wellbeing is so much better, and this has been useful for the mental health team who visit.

I think it is valuable having Jane and Hilary talking to us personally, we feel a kinship and it helps us recharge. The phone calls are particularly valuable to us. We also have a pride in showing off what we have done."

Clare Tullett - Whararengi, Taupo New Zealand


Spark of Life Presentations

Testimonial from representative of the US Government

"I just need to tell you, I work with and listen to some of the best speakers in the world, and I think you have them all beat. You are, to me, simply the best speaker in the world!"

Karen Schoeneman (Colorado, 2010) - USA Centres for Medicare & Medicaid Services


Testimonials from our Home Carers...

"Jane simply took all participants by storm and managed to reach into the hearts of all 438 participants. She has a unique way of reaching everyone in the way that she supports her message - visually, auditorally, and kinaesthetically - in a polished way. We were promised an elite day - and we got it."

Bente Sandal - Morsoe Shire Denmark


Testimonials from our Professional Carers...

"Overall, the presentation was outstanding. In fact, the influence of Jane's visit is still discussed in our dementia-specific wing and the approach and activities that Jane highlighted have become the basis for quality care for our residents."

Imlay House - Pambula NSW, Australia


"Jane, thank you for rekindling my spark and passion for caring for those with dementia. I feel lately I've been experiencing burn out because I get caught up in the paperwork and regulations and forgot what bought me into this profession in the first place - my love for people."

Tricia Povirk - Kansas City USA


Testimonials from Aged Care Facilities...

" our annual Tri State Conference Jane rated as the best presenter... To achieve this kind of rapport with audiences of varying size is no mean feat with a sensitive subject area... Jane is a master at breaking through those barriers to communication."

Training Co-ordinator, Aged Care Victoria Inc - Australia


"I was amazed to realise that in only three hours my staff had changed from a group of tired and stressed nurses to a team which showed great commitment to try new strategies and implement them when dealing with the residents... we are looking forward to the next lecture."

Director of Nursing, Tabulam Nursing Home - Victoria Australia


"Evaluation surveys conducted by Aged Care Victoria rated Jane as the best presenter at conferences outscoring a number of very experienced professional consultants and presenters… Jane is a master at breaking through these barriers to communication."

Aged Care Victoria Inc - Balwyn VIC Australia


"The greatest testimonial I can give on Jane's behalf comes from the staff working within our organisation. Time and time again staff tell me that Jane's was the best training they have ever been to and that not only did Jane give them the skills to rekindle the Spark of Life for people they care for but also rekindled their own spark to work in aged care."

Heidi Dowse, Clinical Nurse Consultant - NSW Australia


"I have attended many education sessions and seminars but always came away feeling frustrated, not understanding how to break through the barriers of dementia.  When I attended the two-day seminar on Spark of Life, it suddenly became clear to me that people with dementia can't be treated on the same level.  Providing activities that meet each individual's cognitive, communication and social needs at a level they can cope with has proved to be the most effective way to reach people with dementia.  After 18 months, I feel that I can truly break through the barriers of dementia."

Helen Forrest, Archbishop Duhig Nursing Home  - Queensland Australia


"Jane's training sessions have resulted in a marked shift in the approach staff take when working with people with dementia. Staff continually report that the strategies and approaches they have used following a Jane Verity presentation have produced notable and significant changes in the person who has dementia - for example a person who has been withdrawn and unresponsive to the people around them has become animated and interactive with others as a result of working with the care worker who employs strategies learnt from Spark of Life Presentations. "

Glenys O'Brien, Rural and Remote Services - South Australia


"Jane Verity is a Dane with a tremendous knowledge of person centred dementia care. Frankly, I think she is one of the best I have ever seen. She has been living and working in Australia for the past 17 years and is a wizard at making things happen. She has a dream of creating a centre for the study and practice of holistic person centred dementia care."

Dr Bill Thomas, Founder Eden Alternative - USA


"We enjoyed her energy and sense of humour. We look forward to Jane's return to the states when we'll use her services to great advantage again to enhance our journey toward person directed care."

Michael Berry, CEO - Wisconsin USA


"Jane stimulated everyone's enthusiasm to return to their workplace and put into practice the knowledge she had shared.....our team relationships and personal growth have been enriched. All who attended Jane's seminars have expressed she is one of the best lecturers we have heard. We do not hesitate to support this sentiment wholeheartedly."

Kardinia Centre - Belmont Victoria Australia


Cultural Enrichment Program

Testimonials from Aged Care Facilities...


Colin Bahn, CEO and his team at Maurice Zeffert Home - Western Australia 


The Spark of Life Club Progam

Testimonials from Aged Care Facilities...

 "You get amazing results straight away when you apply the principals of The Spark of Life Approach.  The results just keep coming and now, after 18 months, we are amazed at the responses of our residents when we create new games for their individual needs."

Helen Forrest, Archbishop Duhig Nursing Home – Queensland Australia


"....The first time I met him, he was totally paralysed and passive. Partly because of the crisis and partly because of the psychopharmacological drugs! He is now totally drug free!! Oh Jane, he is just one example out of many that shows that the Spark of Life Club Program works and that there is so much that can be done. He will always be in my heart."

Jette Kallenhauge, Alzheimer Association - Roskilde, Denmark


"Shows how to lift the spirit, promote dignity and improve self worth. Shows how communication is so much more that just the exchange of words. The Sunshine Club at Gwen Hardie Lodge has made a tremendous difference to our residents and staff...I highly recommend these principles."

Lindsay Cuthbert, Gwen Hardie Lodge - Western Australia




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