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Kristina Larsson & Pamela Morales share how residents and staff at Meath House, Trigg, discovered cooking had never been so much fun as when it included every resident in their dementia ward.

It all started outside - on a beautiful day - where the residents were enjoying picking apples off our apple tree. In a team effort, the tallest picked the apples off the highest branches and passed them to those waiting below. Then we all geared up in gloves and hairnets for pie making, and, of course, everyone looked absolutely fabulous! The atmosphere was one of a big family coming together. Can there be anything better than the smell of homemade apple pie, wafting throughout the home and the sound of laughter coming from the kitchen? It was absolutely wonderful to see the residents' pride in making that lovely, fresh apple pie. Everyone talked about it for days and many of us agreed that it was the best apple pie we'd ever tasted.

Transforming apple pie into memories

Now the residents are making their own collage with bake-up day photos, getting creative and reminiscing at the same time.

Everyone participates in the craft sessions, even if just by looking at the photos, or being encouraged to share ideas and thoughts.

Making their own collage, and then seeing it displayed, will ensure that this is one activity that will continue to prompt discussion. Whether young or old, seeing ourselves in a photo brings out the same question: "Is that really me?"

Laughter is truly the best medicine and don't we all love to have fun? We definitely do here at Meath and making that apple pie certainly put a smile on everyone's face.

Acknowledgement: Jenni French




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