You As The Carer Print E-mail

Providing a caring, happy and fulfilling environment for a person with dementia can be both challenging and rewarding. It also requires energy and patience coupled with the forming of a supportive partnership between professional and family carers and the person with dementia.

However hard we try though, it is almost impossible to rekindle the Spark of Life in others if our own fire has gone out. Carers need to tend their own wellbeing to ensure the best quality of life for everyone involved.

Our discussion boards are open to all DCA members as vibrant forums to ask questions, share stories, gather solutions; and to exchange ideas, tips and advice with others both living with dementia and sharing similar experiences. This is an ideal forum to discuss any day-to-day issues or post any questions you have in an environment dedicated to sharing and rekindling the Spark of Life in both people with dementia and all those who support them both professionally and at home.