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Jane Verity, Founder and President of DCA and Hilary Lee, Vice President of the Spark of Life, have just returned from the International IAHSA Conference in London, where they accepted on behalf of Dementia Care Australia and the entire Spark of Life Community, the 2009 IAHSA Excellence in Ageing Services Award for the Spark of Life Culture Enrichment Program.

The IAHSA Committee recognised   Dementia Care Australia for ‘developing a whole systems approach to dementia care that provides a sorely needed alternative to the medical model.'

The Spark of Life Culture Enrichment Program, implemented throughout all levels of an organisation and as a Club Program for people with dementia, works on the premise that when Leaders are encouraged and nurtured to be role models, their staff are empowered and supported to enrich the lives of their residents and clients.

Jane said, 'We knew it was significant to be receiving the award, but when we were at the conference it became apparent that it is held in higher regard than we could ever have imagined. We appreciate the support and dedication of the entire Spark of Life community and trust you can all experience the joy of this win as you share in our success.'

Over 700 world leaders in aged care from 34 countries attended the conference where Jane and Hilary introduced the Spark of Life Approach to an enthusiastic audience. Hilary said, ‘It was a privilege to present to such a high calibre of delegates. The feedback suggested that the Spark of Life is a gift to the world as it has such universal application.'


Jane and Hilary were then VIP guests at an exclusive reception hosted by Baroness Sally Greengross, Vice Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Dementia and Ageing and Older People, held at the House of Lords. The Baroness, a strong campaigner in the UK on aged care and dementia issues, was inspired by what she discovered about Spark of Life.

The 2009 IAHSA Excellence in Ageing Services Award recognises the immense benefits that Spark of Life has to offer aged care both at a personal and organisational level throughout the world. The universal appeal of Spark of Life is that it transcends culture, religion, and professional boundaries to connect us all with the core needs of those for whom we care.





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