The Spark of Life Approach


The Spark of Life Approach visibly rekindles the spark of life in the person with dementia. The results are remarkable, with profound, dramatic and long lasting benefits.

Spark of Life grows a culture of optimism, enthusiasm, appreciation, and love, creating the best context for supporting people with dementia to thrive socially and emotionally beyond the diagnosis.

Dementia Care Australia has developed this approach under the guidance and direction of Jane Verity, a leading authority on dementia care.


What is it?

For the home carer, the Spark of Life Approach offers simple, practical solutions to daily challenges and helps them develop an environment in which the person with dementia, and their carer, can thrive.

For aged care facilities, the Spark of Life Approach is a natural partner to the Eden Alternative and Person Centred Care and works in perfect harmony with their principles and styles of application. But more than this, the Spark of Life Approach fills a gap in these life models of care by working at a detailed, personal level to reach that deep emotional core to renew the spark and enable people with dementia, and their carers, to thrive.


What are the results?

Once implemented, improvements in memory, language, communication, social interactions and behaviour all become possible. The Spark of Life Approach is not a cure, but it is a reliable process for creating an environment in which the human spirit can thrive. The approach nurtures the wellbeing of the human spirit through a gentle, practical and common sense approach to human relationships and communication.


How does it work?

Spark of Life works by focusing on effectively meeting the emotional needs of people with dementia - to feel appreciated, joyful, loved and involved. Happier people are easier to care for and the carer's satisfaction and motivation increases.


Who is using it

The Spark of Life Approach has been adopted by aged care facilities in the US, Scandinavia, Europe and Australia with outstanding results. It is also being used by many home carers to good effect.


Where did it come from?

Many would know Jane Verity as the first person to bring Person Centred Care to Australia. She has been an important contributor to dementia care training in Australia for many years.

For the last 14 years Jane has been developing her own approach to dementia care - the Spark of Life Approach.

During this period she spent some time studying with Tom Kitwood the creator of Person Centred Care. She is also an advocate for the Eden Alternative and currently Eden Alternative mentor for the entire Scandinavian community.

'Jane Verity [has] a tremendous knowledge of person-centred dementia care. Frankly, I think she is one of the best I have ever seen. She is a wizard at making things happen.'  Dr Bill Thomas- Founder Eden Alternative USA